How to Become a Dental Technician

The College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia

Provincial regulation of dental technology in British Columbia is the responsiblity of the The College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia. The College's primary purpose is to serve and protect the public by regulating dental technology.

Registrants are also required to practice in accordance with the Bylaws of the College, including the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics. Click for more information about The College.

There are five Institutions  in Canada that provide training in Dental Technology:

If I Have Been Trained In Another Country, How Do I Become A Registered Dental Technician In British Columbia?

The requirements for registration are set out in the web site of the College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia.  For a complete registration package please contact the College office at 604 278-8324.

Applicants from out of the country also need to be able to work in Canada, and generally will be Canadian Citizens or landed immigrants.


B.C currently has a shortage of skilled Dental Technicians, particularly in the area of crown and bridge, ceramics, and orthodontics. Individuals with an interest in the profession, or with skills in the field, can also work as Assistants while waiting to becoming a Dental Technician. To provide any dental technician service in BC, you must first register with the College. As an Assistant, you will work under the supervision of a Dental Technician.

Dental Technology offers many challenges and opportunities such as:

  • ability to work part time
  • mobility
  • the option to own your own business
  • opportunity to work collaboratively with other dental health professions
  • the satisfaction of providing an essential health service.

Source: The College of Dental Technicians of British Columbia

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